Friday, 19 June 2009

Earth, home of the humans

Have you ever wondered why our planet is called Earth, especially when its constituency is of 70% of water and it is frequently referred to as the blue planet?

Because we are the ones inhabiting the portions of earth on this globe?

I guess it's all an attempt of turning humans into the center of the universe, as always, we tell ourselves that we're the most important thing, the only thing, capable of thought and intelligence, the only thing worth saving in this planet.

All, to tell ourselves that we're not alone, convince ourselves, even when your whole family just died, there's someone who comes and tells you that "you are not left alone", because, supposedly, that someone, a fucking stranger, can relate to you in that moment of total loss, just because he is another freaking human inhabiting the same portion of land in this planet called Earth.

And, yet, we take it for granted. We destroy it. We're like a tourist that abuses and spoils everything, when on holidays, on a foreign country. We don't respect it, we don't relate to it at all, we despise it and its needs.

We're just children of destruction and damnation. And Earth is our playground.

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