Thursday, 17 December 2009

Point of no return

Circles of corporations swallow me down
there's no place to hide, nowhere to escape
only when I stop and get refuge in you
I am a better man.

Sure as once economy 
was defined by, 
they said, 
the rational distribution
of  supposedly scarce goods, 
they're just too greedy
and now plunged in abbundance.

We're living in the wasteland
no one really cares
as long as they got their chevies
and the life of a rock & roll band.

What's the point of wanting more than you need,
what are you going to do with so much waste
no wonder you always think you need more space. 
What's the point of so much high-technology
if you don't put it for good use?

It's the point of no return for society,
the smallest circle in the middle of the pond
of money and greed, just drowning,
I guess humanity will never succeed.

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