Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mother Nature

They say Nature is good for you,
that it provides what you need,
well I don't remember needing deadlines,
not only to die but also to live.

You're pressured by Nature
just like your own mother
it wants you to develop fast
for you not be surpassed by another.

Nature has got you stuck ,
between the various periods of aging,
and in the midst if you get any luck,
maybe, you'll get time for relaxating.

Nature wants you to get well fed
and it needs you to grow back
whatever you took to your bed
you just can't leave it to lack.

As my own mother, Nature has me
down on my knees and begging
crying for being battered
with my whole life shattered.

I've learned to put on clothes
as layers of defense
against all the cold
and the sun when too bold.

I've learned to build contraptions
to control and manipulate Nature,
I'm quite aware of all my actions,
seems I was made to hate her.

Tempests and deserts may arise
but I know my heart belongs to Nature
and that deep inside we all disguise
that she and us are here to forever dure.

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