Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I want to stay in your body
as a tattoo to remind you
of who we are
and give you strength
to carry on
with who you want to be.

And to perpetuate myself
as your slave
that you try to drag and push and pull
but I remain in your maze.

Playing on your back
as a swirling ballerina
that kind of gets you high,
or a dolphin or a boat,
an anchor in your marina,
or maybe I'll just be the cross,
heavy to bare on your feet,
that carves your meat,
deep inside, as your boss.

In the end, I'll be the scars,
that scribble your body
and remain behind bars,
while you go out with some hottie
and I weigh in your arms and back and forth
but you don't feel them.

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