Thursday, 30 September 2010

deceitful appearances

I am the surfer who loves nature and rides the waves like it was the last thing that he's doing.

I am the writer that loves everything and everyone and doesn't leave his gloomy room, always writing novels, short tales and poems, trying to achieve something that he himself doesn't know, and never does.

I am the young woman who is always out, having fun and taking pleasure out of life of every ray of sun and moonlight.

I am the architect of those beautiful and celebrated building that you see every day in the horizon.

I am the career-oriented person who achieves all the wealth I wanted and recognition  from my colleagues.

I am the beloved housewife that feels that she's the luckiest woman on Earth for having her beautiful and united family.

I am the street artist who is happy with his freedom and roams around the world painting society on their city walls.

I am all these Men and many more, but I don't appear to be.

And our lives are nothing but our deceitful appearances.

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