Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Dying slowly

The World has lost its grace,
everything is seen and discovered,
imagination has been turned into boredom
and everyone's thinking of another.

We force ourselves to please others
our whole lives complex as a relish
and dying slowly is what you do
because they would perish
if you decided for shooting yourself.

The bittersweetness of life
is the same as the bittersweetness of death,
and the branches of the trees that waver
resemble an arm saying goodbye to a wife
when she knows they haven't actually met.

It is the daunting feeling that surprises you
and fills you with doubt in your mind,
no one will ever try to find
the person you really are inside.

So nevermind the truth and nevermind it all,
just turn yourself mute
and join everyone else in the same fall.
Because sometimes, even knowing it's all vain
and we're always on the deadline's edge,
it takes a long time to end
and then there won't be even one friend.

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