Saturday, 17 September 2011


To Not discover anything new
but within yourself
is to look outside and not feel the buzz of novelty
in the falling leaves
in the laughter of someone's child
or just, when looking up, at the shapes of the clouds...

To Be still, to not discover anything anymore,
due to the growing exhaustion of the days...


  1. discover me
    close your eyes
    go back in your life
    listen to your silent voice
    feel the cold wind that so long ago felt the same
    find yourself in Calcada Eng. Miguel de Pais
    its late night and you are just back with me
    you will be surprise
    you will find your wings back
    you will rediscover yourself

  2. Ashbii hmmm, pois, conheco uma princesa dai...:)

  3. O que é que eu podia encontrar na Calcada Eng. Miguel de Pais, hmmm, vamos lá a saber? it's just a riddle, all of it, isn't it?