Monday, 16 January 2012


There are peoples that haven't got themselves an identity, because they don't have enough History and even Culture, or also because they're just a melting pot of other peoples.

No having a identity can be quite confusing. In this world that everything is rushed into judgement not having a definition scares everyone else, not having a definition is seen as threatening.

This world has made our brains divide people in three: white dumb rich know-and-can-all people, black poor and insignificant people, and terrorist suicidal-bombers. Yes, it's true, not just simplistic. Our brains are formatted to make everything we sense fit into concepts that society has created and introduced us to since a young age. That's why we can only see black and white, and then feel grey, and then have a sense of confusion installed when realizing something's not quite right in all the conceptions we've designed.

What's who we are? Is it what's to see or what's to feel? Is it both? How do we negotiate when they're opposites, when the information we obtain just don't add up in our conceptions and appearing so contradictory? Do we ignore them and let the judgement speak louder?

Are we just what people think of us? Or are we much more, or another thing, different than everyone thinks? And if so, who knows us? How do we show who we really are; in order to break all stereotypes that hang upon us?

That's why we are naturally solitary beings mostly.

Can or should we put in order what we are first to last? And how do we do it? Am I first an individual or am I a collective being?

How can we move on if we don't know who we are as individuals and collective beings?

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