Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lust for Design (?)

What is this craving for redesigning everything, trying to make it more beautiful?

Why has our society become so addicted to visual stimulus?

Is what we are and what we make, that awful, that you have to cover and incur in a blind pursuit to embellish everything?

It's comes to me the old question: «a rose, if given another name, is not still a rose?»

Or is it all a product of our deepest fears of death, damnation and disgrace? As always, trying to lie to ourselves in order to not perish at the harsh and ugly face of reality?

We stopped creating from scratch just to work on everything there is already, and most times not even making improvements. This comes to me as a sign of how we are in the process of dooming ourselves and not rising above. It's spreading like the poison of advertising and consumption.

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