Friday, 27 December 2013

In and About Madness

Every path to the twirly fields of the derranged mind begins with an obsession that has roots in deep childhood trauma.

When the upbringing is conditioned by pressure to excel and prejudice it can undermine the self-esteem and even behead the early development of talent.

To escape the woes of daily life one tends to seek to escape and the instruments to do it. Though these artifices can bring a quite instant getaway they produce states of chemical happiness leading to the unevitable post-euphoria low which is huge depression.

As a result of the consumption and frequency of the evasion objects there's a magnification of whatever comes out as being the object of happiness and slowly it becomes an obsession.

Thus one is set to dwell in the maze of madness with all its tricks and spells. To free yourself from it is impossible if you do not acknowledge everything that happened and that it resulted in  the state of madness. It is surely a harsh process to make the necessary steps and to unravel them.

"The only lesson in life is how to suffer in silence", Van Gogh

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