Saturday, 14 June 2014

Many women and men I met throughout my life have been lost, and also not knowing who they are for themselves and for others. And because they hadn't the good fortune of having a place to call HOME since young, they didn't truly get to know what it meant to feel loved, to love and they couldn't develop stability. Many roam in this world carrying with them this feeling still ("you can run but you ca
n't hide from yourself), but one or two - rare cases - have decided to make a home for them and they manage to built them with the love of someone else. I'm so very glad for these last.
But for the others - the majority -, though it seems your whole life was already defined and that's what it will always be, precisely for the lack of that "home stability" foundations, I really wish you can find a way, or better yet, decide to build it in this one life you have. May you surpass it all and get to make this change, to find a way, to fight for it, to have a passion and getting to the top of that mountain.

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