Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Things people do that can make lose respect for them:

- Gratuitous evil actions and violence towards others;
- Saying something and doing the opposite next;
- Not being strong enough for someone who needs it;
- Not trying to get better and be better every day;
- Hiding things and lying to people only for fear;
- Not being honest with themselves and others;
- Not standing up for those who need them;
- Unloading on others without them deserving and not apologizing;
- Not truly repenting and doing what's necessary to re-gain people's trust;
- Not fighting disease and/or addictions in order to stop hurting others;
- Not helping people who clearly need their help;
- Not caring about anyone and expect others to care for them.

Things people do that can make gain respect for them:

- Having been through hardship and not giving up;
- Having been in dire straits and not unloading cruely on others;
- Having been through bad things and still be a good person;
- Having been through bad things and still have a pure heart and being generous;
- Doing things for others without publiciting or expecting retribution;
- If they can't do better at least admit it and be honest about who they are;
- Sacrificing themselves in order to help others, putting themselves in other's shoes;
- Being there, and sometimes dropping everything, when someone is in need of you;
- Dealing with people that no one else cares about;
- Listening to people and talking to them even if it's hard;
- Giving up the self in order to be there for the other;
- Showing others who they truly are and how they honestly feel;
- Treating others with basic respect (about their differences, opinions, efforts), courtesy and kindness;
- Keeping promises, like doing what they said they'd do.

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