Saturday, 18 October 2014

On Judgement

Yes, I do judge people for their wrong actions, because I expect them to try to do and be better. Without judging, people wouldn't know since a very early age to distinguish right from wrong, namely what they're doing wrong and what they're doing right. 
I've realized that people who tend to accuse others from judging as being an evil thing, are normally the people who believe that everything is okay and that no one has anything to do with what other people want to do. Well, newsflash my dears, people's actions affect others and that's where the problem is. 
I'm even not someone who is for this system of organization of society that we currently have (or any other, for that matter), but we're unequivocally in one where there is a society and therefore everyone's in it.

Judging is one of the brain's activity that makes us develop as humans. Our brain is no longer binary, seing everything in black or white, or just as wrong or right. As we are able to see all the colours of right and wrong and know that something's include both, we necessarily do so because we learned from our pairs who always been judging us and that made us better people. And do not confuse judgement with prejudice and discrimination, please.

In short, I judge because I care, not only for the people I judge but for everyone else who is affected by their actions.

Throughout History, we've heard about the concept and notion of a Judgement's Day. This would be  linked with the Apocalypse and the end of days, when someone dies and goes to a kind of purgatory to be judged for their activity when alive. Well, for me, this notion of Judgement's Day was actually the day that you die and have a flashback of all your life so you know what you did right and what you did wrong and that comes to your mind in the last moments before your death. As you see, again I'm all for self-conscience and the awareness that there are actions (most of them) of ours, that affect others and that we should take and admit responsibility for them. Is that so evil and mangy of me? 

Yes, I do judge and I will always judge, unless I stop caring about people in general. And I know deep inside people do know they're not doing their best and many people, I believe, would want someone to tell them, to warn them about how poorly they made others feel their actions, so that they won't do them again, because they want to be better persons too. At least that's what I have to believe, instead of losing all faith on mankind.

Remembering of people who judge and criticise me, even when they were wrong, I always learned something and grown to be better as a human being every time. So I'm thankful for them. Even those who were a bit rude and unpleasant with their tact, they made me stronger and more aware of things about me and people surrounding me. As you see, judging can be a public service of some sort. Everything is what we make of it in our minds, the lessons we take of what happens, and if we make that a thoughtful activity we might just get to that my judgement day much better than we thought we ever could. That's what I hope so for everyone.

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