Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I met you when you were blind

One day, below the blonde sky,
I thought I heard a lullaby coming from the sea
But as the sun started to peek behind the haze
I could clearly hear the children cry

One day, below the charred sky,
I thought I heard a plea coming from the trees
But as the light trespassed the surrounding forest
I could silently hear the birds who die

One day, below the sandy sky,
I thought I heard a blast coming from the desert
But as the blazing heat waves danced in sight
I could hardly hear the people fly

One day, below the red sky,
I thought I heard shots coming from the buildings
But as the flashes struck my weary eyes
I could vividly hear the soldiers lie

Are you still blind?

1 comment:

  1. Muito bom,.. como sempre, Sónia!
    Nascemos com olhos de lince ou de águia. Aprendemos a cegueira.
    Obrigado pela partilha :)