Friday, 29 January 2010

The Blueberries Lament

I would yield you my whole heart
but unfortunately there was someone
before you
who tore it apart.

Through the neon lights
and smoke signs
I could see you
shining at me
with the vivid colors of dawn.

Pressed between my lips
were just three words
dying to be heard by you
in the mess of that red bar.

Now the foggy memories
come to me one by one
as I take a drink and then another
just to forget how many they are.

Lean on me, don't be scared,
I'm actually always here for you
and whenever you're not there
I'll just have a drink for you.

You came closer and I was in the sky,
drawn to you as a ray of light,
we could never be apart
since I saw you in that bar.

Drinking the woe away
now I realize you are here to stay
and suddenly I remember no more
the pain that knocked once at my door.

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