Thursday, 21 January 2010


Went for a stroll on the park,
saw old people sitting on the benches,
as the young ones were playing on the grass
with the dogs excited and free to bark.

Reached the water line at the large pond,
and reflected in the starry mirror there were
the memories that are now so fond to me.

In the everlasting garnished thought,
saw the lines on the faces of the old people
showing off serenity in the water,
and the sparkling laughters of the young ones
just playing on that same pond.

As I walked underneath the trees,
with birds announcing warmer days,
I remembered what the sky says
in those times that the shy sun appears.

He whispers that there's always beauty
to be seen in the eyes of the beholder
for whenever it gets darker
the flowers will always be pretty
even if it gets colder.

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