Monday, 28 November 2011

Society, this crazy breed... in Portugal.

Portugal is one of the European countries who is having to deal with the crisis by asking external financial aid, as Greece and others. Our deficit has reached values that exceed what we can get by cutting our own expenses and by increasing taxes. All in all, it has become a really excruciating scenery to everyone who inhabits Portugal, that's why in the latest years the emigration rose. Young people who don't see any good future perspectives have fled to other countries (like so many friends of mine).
We have been assisting to an overflow of the market, that being too many people to fewer number of job vacancies. Unfortunately since a long time ago, our culture imprinted that we should all strive to have a superior education and now, like me, we all have the degrees but no real application for them. The few positions are occupied by people who already had a comfortable financial background; the power and money seems to move from generation to generation within the families that already own them (a kind of modern oligarch system).

To give you an example of what I'm talking about, most of youngsters that just finished their college are already stuck in Call Centers, not having the possibility to try out in what they've been trained to for so many years.

It's all quite non-sense when you analyse it. 

Most people are quite pessimistic about the future, because everyday we're assaulted by the Media with information about how big is our debt (plus the constraining measures that are being taken by the current Government) and how long will it take to have a positive growth. That's what comes out of living too many years above our own possibilities, taking loans and credit, making unnecessary buildings all over (that now are empty and for cheap sale). 
Well, it's almost 180 billion euros of debt we're talking about, so it's looking really dark.

(written for an interview)

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