Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tears of flesh

Once I said I would never understand why some people cut themselves, so intentionally as seating down to pick up a pen and start writing, but today I had an epiphany and it was just like a good old friend told me.

He used to cut himself for a long time and now I understand what is the drive, what kind of sensation and feeling pushes one's whole body to do it...

I stood on that verge, on the tip, on the bloody edge and I backed down.

It's the pain in the deepest, that spreads, filling you, sometimes caused only by emptiness, others, by  many other reasons accumulated or not, but it's when it gets so unbearable that it seems that you need to cut yourself so that it gets away, leaking from you, through the tears of flesh.

But does it really?
I don't think so, that's why I backed down, away from the vortex of abyss.

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