Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A world of bittersweet childhood

I hate the world we live in,
where the sweetness of life is tainted
by the abuses on children
exploited in cocoa plantations,
recollecting diamonds in rivers
of blood of innocents flowing,
as they're forced to fight in wars
that were never their own.

With a blackened heart and a thunderous mind
the charcoal slips down from my teary eyes
and the roaring comes down my spine
as it sprays from my mouth into the sky.

It's the Malalas of this world
in their innocent, pure belief
that it can all be possible
if we wish for it,
maybe loud enough
it will reach the snobbish men
and the devilish ones too.

May our hearts be strong
may our bodies resist
and our minds to the storm
that men insist on
for there's too many dying
and too many in pain
to keep feeding only the rich
and not the poor, it's insane!

May our souls stop being raped
may we be free to play outside
and our small bodies grow shaped
to face the winds of a troubled tide.

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