Friday, 5 October 2012

Wake up and check reality

We are not infinite
and our souls aren't untarnished;
the prisons are real
the pain and the suffer too

but no

no one admits it
no one says it out loud
there's no bright side of the story
no other way of seeing things

you are born:
not of the love of your parents
not for being special or unique
because you don't exist as yourself
until it's too late to love you
too late to find you filled with cuteness

you are born because everyone else is,
because they need you to be used for their purposes
you're just toilet paper: usable and discarded.

Yes, I am what you call a pessimist
just because I'm lucid, I see the truth

and truth does not set me free
or feeds my ATM.

If you would ever stop to think about it
you'd realize it
and the sadness of it all
I can't promise you'll overcome it
after your conscience is awake
In fact, I think there's no coming back.

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