Monday, 13 January 2014

Restarting? Not possible.

Is creation possible when everything is gone?
They say one can start from scratch, a clean slate... but is it ever clean, is it ever starting from nothing?
I don't think so. Unless you're a newborn, or even in that case I don't think it's possible, because you're always genetically predisposed, you come with a heavy heritage of centuries past.

So restarting is a false concept. It's just to give hope like everything else that humans made up. Restarting is not possible. If it were a game, a mere façade, it would be, because in a game you could create your own rules from the start if the game was truly yours, and who knows you could actually have spare lives too.
In reality the game has long been over when the human species was being formed. For from start we know that life is a long-term suicidal plan and nothing more than that.

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