Saturday, 4 January 2014

The first nightfall

After days without seeing the sun
the sky finally appeased and showed its blue
and I understood the days were turning,
restarting to grow larger.

The sky was falling pink amongst the shades
of the stormy days that now passed
and every car was a pink mirror
and every building's window was invisible.

Far, I could listen to a kind of siren's song
coming from the northern breeze
and it was whispering in a choir of silk
that new days were being spawned again.

My sight was serene and not darkened
as it used to for so many days,
and though the sun was no longer there
I could still feel its light in the horizon.

An ethereal calm was sung in the clouds
and it tenuous vibration reached my face
I was no longer alone, I thought,
although the still reminiscence of pain.

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