Monday, 29 June 2015


Not very long ago, I ran into a person who I was friends with when I was younger.
When I mentioned I was still fighting rare diseases he said something like: "but, then again, you were always rare". It was already surprising and disturbing to see him after almost a decade, that when he said that sentence I didn't have any instant reaction.

I know I've always been different, though I noticed it more because other people making an issue of it. I could always relate to many people - lately I've been told by an old school colleague that I was a very popular person back then, which it seems to me rather funny when I think of the past circumstances -, but never in full terms, because I only had one or two parts of myself that were in some way close to those people. But I never found someone entirely like me in the most important aspects that form a person's character and personality.

There was always at least one decisive point that didn't stick at all and that made the whole difference.

Getting close is okay at the same, I guess, though it gets a perfidious result: one is so close that we completely fall for each other and later that one aspect, it might take years, but it shows up innevitably to show that no one is really like you in all things that matter and that no one will get you completely for what you are. It's just not possible.

Even so, it's incredible , when one loves you for everything that he knows of you when you try to show him the most of you as possible.

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