Monday, 22 June 2015

Some of my daily trials of stress...

My daily trials which defy my patience and hype the venomous stress (for a Addison Disease person like me)..:

- rude kids who hit outside on the bedroom wall with footballs;
- noise of construction pneumatic hammer bellow the floor and its vibration hitting my bedroom starting from 8 a.m. and during all day;
- horrid noise of the ringing of unlocking the building's entrance door, each time, for more than a hundred people;
- rude cursing upstairs neighbors who are loud and throw water all down my window just overwatering a damn cactus plant;
- loud neighbors who gather on the building's entrance near our door and windows;

And that's just a fraction of my daily ordeals, that may seem made-up jokes, but they're just the raw truth, and all of it while I'm trying to do my work at home of transcriptions.
In time, like being exposed daily to venom I hope I get immune and not lose the war. I truly believe that it is almost making me achieve a status of being as patient as an elephant waiting for a bus. Yes, elephants don't wait for buses, therefor they don't need to be patient; and that's precisely it: I shall no longer be in need of being patient whatsoever. It seems a good plan.

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