Wednesday, 4 March 2009

DISCRIMINATION: I was born a girl in this world.

What shall we do now?
Now that birds aren't swimming anymore
And fishes aren't flying in that deep sea of mystery
What shall we do now?
Now that skies are drifting
On the waves of feelings;
The skies are falling
Upon the thought of my race
I'm just born handicapped
Anyone can see it on my face.
What shall I do now?
I was born a girl in this world
But I rather not be one
Sorry...I apologize for the girl's voice
I just haven't got any kind of a choice
I guess... it's my destiny
Do I have to speak what they tell me?
Since I'm a girl I lost my freedom
At home before ten I must be
That is how it has always been
That is all you let me be
Am I a weak for being a girl?
Someone has to change this world
Girls should be equally allowed to be on it
I'll be a girl for all my life
So things will have to change
I can't change my situation but you can...
Why do I have to be a small harmless girl
In this big rotting world?!!!

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