Friday, 6 March 2009

Deadly Poison-Love

This life is a grey cemetery...
If you don't jump over it,
She'll fall right on you
Sometimes I want to die
Or I have the wish of killing...
Yet the necessity of loving
If someone deserves it.
Now we fall in temptation
And live a misery novel
The mystery is cut off
And what's left is death...
Your black beauty conquers me
And with me I want to take
The one and only I love most,
If you love me come with me...
Drink the liquid I give you
The poisoned gift of love
Come to share Eternity with me...
In my veins my strength flows
That drags me in this mud
To it's deep like profound nightmare.
The double moonlight that sparkles
This adventure's night of mine
Reflects above the frozen lake
Revealing all the madness
Of the four full moons...
Silence is brutally murdered
By the cries of the wolves...
Despair invades my desperate soul...
It's time for our unification
The sacrifice will take place...
For each two souls unifying
One will be sacrificed...
The blood runs to our feet
Brings me the pure smell
Of a creature created by God
In the surrounding scenery
Death is the mistress and lady
The Master is such a genie
When choosing ceremony places
The night of the four full moons
Lights marvelously the trees
That are cut in cross shape
And the privileged ones in sacrifice
Offered to the Master...

translated from someone else's poem

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