Saturday, 1 October 2011

Just put yourself into this recipe

Dying slowly is the worst thing that can happen to you.
Here are some examples:
-having a long term illness
-having to work till the last day of a job from which you've already been fired
-loving someone that you cannot see and hold whenever you like
-having to live with someone you can't bear

All these «having to» have made me realize that there was never an option for everyone who is dying slowly.
There is no thing such as «living fast and dying slowly», so I'm guessing people who are dying slowly aren't living at all.

This is where I think one should not let the ember turn into ash and try to find a way to change the, what seems, fatality of the process.

Treat each symptom as it appears and make sure not to despair, for panic is the worst enemy because it makes your mind, which controls everything, go crazy.
-Try to distract yourself, diverting from the problem, not postponing it but just trying to make it in a way that it doesn't became an obstacle to what you must do and overcome at each moment.
-Why not having hope, without being completely delusional, and be proud of the beauty of the feeling that you have on its own.
-Find a way to forgive others inside of you, by doing or holding on to something that makes you think you're better off without grudges and that it is worth to feel better and surpass the harmfulness that it has caused you so far.

It's not «Lilac Wine» but will surely do you better than that. I hope so.

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