Sunday, 16 October 2011

What does it take to make you feel alive?

You always have the feeling that something's missing,
that you want more than you've got
and yet you might have it all,
all you need to feel alive.

It's just your stupid humanity doing the talking.

And in the end that's why you've got loans and mortgages
and insurances and gadgets and all kind of stuff
that you can't take to the grave or ful/fill yourself with them.

Dissatisfaction. Frustration. You've just sold your soul as non-refundable.

Yes, there are those who need to build a home and a family
and surround themselves with people and sun and animals
to feel alive.
Probably, you'll find the same amount of dissatisfaction and frustration in them,
however, I'm tending to believe there will be a less amount of emptiness.

I, myself, will not list here what makes me feel alive
but I can tell you it doesn't take much,
just some elementary pleasures;
because I chose and learned.

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