Saturday, 29 October 2011

The shadow-love

I will not see you
and you will never see me again;
we're just shadows
of who we used to be to each other.

Why do we keep coming back for more?
Because we're part of the same life
since a long time ago?
Does anyone return, or is it just you and I?

I thought, someone who caused so much hurt
couldn't carry on being happy at a person's expense.
But then again so many people do so much harm
and still carry their lives on and well.

I don't know.
After you killed us, I didn't know
how could we ever surpass it.

The feeling of life and ourselves being useless,
how can we surpass it, after all we knew?

One day we'll no longer remember the pain,
One day, we'll forget everything we've done,
One day this shadow-love will be drawn,
One day, our lives will no longer be torn.

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