Sunday, 20 September 2009

Beauty lingers...

In the end of the day
I've harvested the sun
with the sapience of an old man.

Her words were as big as her smile
and I touched her hair made of waves
as gentle as the sea
and thought to myself:
have you ever tasted so much beauty?

Wild horses racing in my chest
as my heart felt closer to her,
and her warmth, her scent,
were touching me with soft fingers.

Standing as one, our shadow in the sunset,
reminded me of a picture hung in a museum
named after her and built by me.

When she left, emptiness started crawling in,
and as I watched her leave I thought to myself:
just as the sun rising and setting,
everyday, her beauty lingers.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

A heart is just a neighbourhood for Love

My heart has no vacant lots.
Going just around the corner,
I see its many blocks,
I tried to warn her.

There's a quarter for misery and pain,
with hedges of the dimmest stone,
a yard for those out of the game,
and another for the friends who moan.

Just on the right side of this quarter,
there are tall shiny buildings made of glass,
I often go all the way to its border
always bearing the fear of some crash.

The south sections of my crowded heart
are dropping small quantities of blood,
it's a leaking problem of some part
that once in a while sink me in mud.

It bleeds so that I know I'm alive
It's reality conquering from within
needing to remind myself to strive
above all and in my beloved's heart lean.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Life is the starting stand-up comedian that entertains us till Death comes to close the curtain

Monday, 7 September 2009

I despise you all; you hide behind wars and cars, you hide behind desks, you aren't worth the blood in your veins, but I see through your eyes, inside you're a mess!

Let me ask you a question: is your money that good?