Sunday, 16 August 2015

Poetry, like all arts, just exists in people's mind, so one has to have it in the mind to see it. It's all a matter of the mind's perspective.
Since an early age, when I became a poet at 13, I've gone through stages regarding it. Thus, poetry and being a poet has been perceived by me as a necessity, a curse, a matter of survival, something that doesn't exist at all, and even craziness.

I guess that looking at the World and some of its wonders and sorrows one can be a poet seeing them and only being a poet you can really feel them.
Some words can cut your throat like a knife and shatter your heart like a hammer. That's why everyone should be careful and think well before speaking.
Little pleasures of life such as mixing oil paints, or mixing with your own hands flour with water and kneading the dough.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Giving people reality checks and mcgyvering out of tight situations, since 1981. wink emoticon