Sunday, 5 May 2019

Undefined and so no to be.
So there is no question here.

If we move forward
even like slowly dancing
underneath the water
Will we be?

Stasis is better.
You're the beginning and the end 
and the blood in between;
the blues and the rains, 
and the worshiper of what's seen. 

The only one conscious of my existence, 

the only one to whom I was the priority.

One day I'll return home
deep into the ocean where I was born.
From now on we are going forward like the giant clouds pushed by the wind: no cyclones, no still air, just an invisible movement that has no measurable speed. I will not recede into catabolism and you will not obsess on didacticism. Together, far in each of our countries, we will find our healthy land and stay away from stormy skies, so that one day soon we'll have crystal dawns everyday with the sun and the moon.
Do you have a fast car to drive us out of here? 
I miss you in the streets with your name and with whiskey lights embracing your womanhood, starting from your rebellious hair locks and ending in your ballerina feet. 
C'mon, let's just cross the bridge to the other side, where you're my Bonnie and I'm your Clyde.