Thursday, 25 February 2010

There's nothing of small in Love.
He who waits for the big moments to show his Love, doesn't know how to love.

Painting: "Love" by Gustav Klimt

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mother Nature

They say Nature is good for you,
that it provides what you need,
well I don't remember needing deadlines,
not only to die but also to live.

You're pressured by Nature
just like your own mother
it wants you to develop fast
for you not be surpassed by another.

Nature has got you stuck ,
between the various periods of aging,
and in the midst if you get any luck,
maybe, you'll get time for relaxating.

Nature wants you to get well fed
and it needs you to grow back
whatever you took to your bed
you just can't leave it to lack.

As my own mother, Nature has me
down on my knees and begging
crying for being battered
with my whole life shattered.

I've learned to put on clothes
as layers of defense
against all the cold
and the sun when too bold.

I've learned to build contraptions
to control and manipulate Nature,
I'm quite aware of all my actions,
seems I was made to hate her.

Tempests and deserts may arise
but I know my heart belongs to Nature
and that deep inside we all disguise
that she and us are here to forever dure.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

I guess for me being a nihilist it's  just a way to say "f*ck all"!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


How can she feed me and kill me at the same time?
It's her venom love, I tell you:
behind her eyes lays indifference
and behind her hands her inexistence.

Cross my lips and hope she dies
if I ever get for my questions any replies.

How could she feed me
and then
fuck me from behind?
The traitor abandons the corpse,
the sheets go blind
and love is no more.

I still ask myself how could she
feed me and destroy me at the same time?
How could I not see
and thought I was doing fine.

We never know the reality of a person,
what's truly in her mind,
I guess she fed me and killed me
just because I'd leave her behind.

I'll never know, she won't either.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I met her when she was much of a woman-child.
In her eyes I could see the eagerness of a newborn, wanting to feed from the world as there was no tomorrow. Soon enough I've learned she was capable of so much humanity as an orphan, and her hair, when struck by light or the wind, was the proof that God existed in each living being.

Once, I showed her the sea, and she just stood by the shore, sinking her bare feet in the sand, revolving them like in a sexy twisted veil dance. I remember as if it was today, that I kneeled down and held her foot, brought it close to me, to my chest, took off the sand of her feet and kissed them lightly. She told me she would never forget that moment, that no one had ever kissed her feet before.

There this other time, before, when she asked me to take her to a high place and when I took her to a high mount near a place called strangely the Blue Lagoon, once we climb it, I could hear her open her nostrils and absorb the surrounding wind. Next, everything stood still: all the forests at sight, filled with solitary pines and eucalyptus just stopped as to listen to the words she pronounced next, "We are gods standing in our thrones and watching the small men below."
She asked me if I believed in her, and I said, without hesitating, "Of course".

Today when I think about it, I believe she was a kind of a goddess, just passing some time among us, ordinary men. The way time stopped and went back and forth and never happened at all, because of her voice; everything grown, everything shrunken, by her hands, and all was like a dream-life just for her hair and her feet. She was the wonderland I never knew. And her lips were sealed and yet they've chanted a thousand hymns of joy. Alice was my prize on earth, an angel sent to erase my sorrows and give me better tomorrows. Now, I miss her so.
Our wonderful and wicked Love perishes at the hands of life and death.

But thy Love shall never end and my love shall never die: for we do not know how life will be and we do not know how death will rise, but we know we have our Love, forever yours and forever mine.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

no title

Today the sky felt your absence,
it turned grey and almost felt like crying
wet pieces of sadness,
tears for a joy that was missed.

Today woke up without the sun
or the streaking sounds of birds laughing.

It was a break of dawn to remember,
for as long as there is a cloud in the sky
there's always a chance that it will rain
and the possibilities that come along
are so infinite that we hope that all fears,
all shadows and mists will be washed away.

Today was the day our hearts colided,
causing an invisible storm of sorrow,
sprinkled with rays of lust and desire.

And who knows if tomorrow the sky will be the same?