Monday, 30 November 2015

The couple's commitment.

 - Do you truly and utterly love her more than life itself, just as she is?

Will you always be there, even when it's hard and seems impossible, even when it's all the same, even when it's needed to be more brave than usual? Will you listen to her and pay attention and make everything in your power to make her happy?

- Do you truly and utterly love him more than life itself, just as he is?

Do you absolutely love him just as he his and you won't want him to change, or wish he was more romantic, attentive, or anything else?
Will you always be there, even when it's hard and seems impossible, even when it's all the same, even when it's needed to be more patient than usual?

- Then, "you have my blessing".

Cast Away

Where did we lost our way?

Far in the distance, as far as the sight can reach the horizon, we see the menacing clouds speeding toward us and as the lightnings make your inside crumble and the rays make you temporarily blind, we fall deeper into the cracks of the Earth and into the desperate revolving waves.

How far is too long?

I've come across you too many times and did not touch you..., I did not hear you or saw the color of your hair.
Now you're down on the road, laying down, again your face on the dirt, and you'll never be the same.
What has broken now, will be forever broken; what has endured now, will be there forever.

[night when J in hospital accompanied by her J]

Friday, 27 November 2015

An important lesson!

The ultimate key to letting go of people that you cared for, is to think that they will be fine without us.
This thought is important: "they will be fine without me". It accumulates both the disappointment that one feels and also the knowledge that the're cared for with someone else and therefore they don't need us anymore.

(when you feel that no one loves and you feel like crap :D)

When you feel that nobody in the whole world who loves you, probably you're also not that much in love with yourself either. You have then to make an effort to find something inside, even if little, that is worthy of love, though all you can see is just a kind of ash and blood. 

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Lesson to be written - Don't do everything for someone (as I did especially for youngers trying to protect them) or they'll grow without developing their innerselves and become nothing (and exclude you like you're nothing too).
Nobility of character must be worked on and improved by investing in inner personal development, otherwise you're just an hamster in the wheel, doing but not being.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. - Jiddu Krishnamurti"; so I'm glad I'm as not adjusted as it gets, for I manage to not do anything at all of what everyone else does by society's customs and be everything almost no one is

Saturday, 14 November 2015

The faulty humans

Since men exist they've been fighting and unleashing violence.
Most of people just wants to live their lives with no worries and no cares. They don't want to be better humans, they don't strive to be superior, they're content in their mediocrity of the daily life chores.

And that's is some of the reason why I can't have faith in humans at all. Though having a loving nature makes it a hard lesson to learn once and for all and let go of all those faulty humans.

("a minute of silence" for those who don't have world in their minds neither humanity in their hearts)

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Since young, I've seen a lot of people being subjugated and diminished by others to a point that they themselves believe that they are less than what they really are and that they need other people in order to do things and survive. That's why slowly I've gained an awareness about these people of bad character, basd personality, and that need to subdue others, to feel needed and to have power over others, because if they don't, they themselves don't feel worthy of anything.

I don't know who is more fearful and insecure, but I know one shouldn't be stepped on by anyone, and everyone should be and feel free, and be happy and content with what they truly are independently of others, and discover who they really are and have strength and believe in themselves and not make others their crutch.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Closeness in the wide wide web.

Being close in the wide web, every single day I communicate through Facebook with everyone online and I know that by doing so I'm closer to them even if they are in their whirlwind lives.

There was a time that, when studying communication, we were led to believe that the digital tools such as the Internet were leading us to an illusion of proximity among each other. And many times we can see the number of people that are in the list of friends on Facebook and we don't even know them personally, though we feel close to them.

Nowadays, I can observe that the proximity is only an illusion if we make usage of the tool in that way. That is, if we just use it to create the illusion of the proximity, like for example when adding people to our list of friends and that's it, not engaging in furthermore actions or connections, even if it's just to put a "like" or a sticker in a comment.

Another misusage is to replace the personal/physical encounters just by having the chats and another services of short messages on a constant use with another person. Not only that fulfills our need of communication with the other but also provides us with an excuse to not leave the daily "hamster's wheel" and actually do what we want and see someone that we really want to see. For nothing will replace a heartfelt hug.
Wishful thinking, along with hope anf faith is just a way humans invented to escape dealing with reality, and by doing so, they're losing the opportunity to prevent and analyze productively the situations as they present themselves.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Subway thoughts: I get the vibe that if people could hear each other's thoughts they would punch each other every second of the day. :D