Sunday, 30 May 2010

Man, the easy rider.

I'm no easy rider,
I've come a long way
to reach nowhere
stuck in a short sway.

My body is the empty shell
that is cracked beneath
everyone's earthy feet
and dissolved in the sea.

We're all criminals of nature
evolved to display the evil
that was nurtured by crazies
many ages ago.

The sands of memory
are nothing but dust
and their remembrance
is always a must.

Nowadays we roam the land
and hope to see it greener
somehow we give a hand
in making it more ill
and all without seeing her.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


We are all infected with the human virus.
It starts by making us love unconditionally
until it makes us fall in disappointment.
Then we experience the bitterness and learn that,
we too, can harm others on purpose.
And it happens cyclically,
throughout the Ages,
as long as humanity persists:
they come, they fight, they destroy.