Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Trapdoor in the sun

When we met each other
I believed you were different
I thought you were like a dream
but things are never what they seem.

We exchanged forever love promises
and I now realize that was a big mistake
because it keeps me linked to you somehow
just to know, under sun and stars, we did vow.

On a bed we made and didn't sleep in
we hold on to a sunshine that's long gone
and we hope that everything turns out fine
after all, longing to be yours and you mine.

But everyday, fatally, the sun does set
and every night I feel the blues take in
for there was a trapdoor in that sun
where promises of forever love just burn.

Monday, 22 June 2009


Past memories are like spies
that come to compare themselves
with the present.
You are always on my mind.
My sister, my friend, my everlasting mother.
I cannot hide who I am.
My thoughts are surrounded
by razors
that cut deep into the dark area,
hidden by fear.
I miss you, but can I still trust you?
There's a turmoil, now and then,
Stormy weather rises, sometimes.
Can I always count
with you for protection?
Somebody told me
you aren't there anymore,
where I thought you'd always be.
I hope I didn't push you too hard.
I hope you'll find your way back home.
When it reaches me,
I'll be asleep.
Frozen, in my bed, waiting.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Earth, home of the humans

Have you ever wondered why our planet is called Earth, especially when its constituency is of 70% of water and it is frequently referred to as the blue planet?

Because we are the ones inhabiting the portions of earth on this globe?

I guess it's all an attempt of turning humans into the center of the universe, as always, we tell ourselves that we're the most important thing, the only thing, capable of thought and intelligence, the only thing worth saving in this planet.

All, to tell ourselves that we're not alone, convince ourselves, even when your whole family just died, there's someone who comes and tells you that "you are not left alone", because, supposedly, that someone, a fucking stranger, can relate to you in that moment of total loss, just because he is another freaking human inhabiting the same portion of land in this planet called Earth.

And, yet, we take it for granted. We destroy it. We're like a tourist that abuses and spoils everything, when on holidays, on a foreign country. We don't respect it, we don't relate to it at all, we despise it and its needs.

We're just children of destruction and damnation. And Earth is our playground.


I'm gonna buy a home and burn it down
I'm gonna get me a pet and leave him out

I'm gonna make a family and scream and shout
I'm gonna have a child and let him bloat

Escape is always the safest path
For a dissident who's got no keg
To hide away in
When all abandon him

No religion, or country can define me
I'm the lover of nihilism
The true liver of unexpectedness
And there's no cure for me

Monday, 8 June 2009

It's all your fault

I blame you for the moonless sky
That doesn't make my soul shine
Now that there are only memories
They're few and damned.

I blame you for the raging sea
That washed away my joy
Now that the leaves only fall
Dead, taken by sorrow.

I blame you for the sunless days,
That no longer heat my afternoons,
Now that the cold gets in deep
In the most intimate of our moons.

I blame you for the vain whispers
That the wolf shouted without meaning
Now that there's only screaming
When here inside it's like twisters.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Distorted I

I will always be fond of blue light.

What shall I do now, that birds aren’t flying anymore? Wasted too much time, and yet there was no time to be wasted somehow. I have no fucking face. Look so thin, skinny. Hate it, myself.

My face is converging to the floor. Big shit. Look like shit. My body is weak and my body is sick. Don’t want to get out, don’t want to stay at home.

 All an illusion of being real.