Sunday, 18 April 2021

Soul Damnation

 If the answer to every question is love
why does everyone still hold on to rage
and hate and sorrow and pain and hurt
and there is no hope for tomorrow?

I have wished that we would be able
to hold on to love and focus on it 
to gather strength to fight life's turmoil
but now I see we're doomed
because it's our soul damnation

We're not only pieces of the same puzzle
but we cannot love ourselves
so we will not love anyone else.

For us, it seems, there's no soul salvation.

Thursday, 15 April 2021

A love of my own

 I have loved you 
and adored you
I have worshipped you
and tried to ignore you

But nothing really feels the same anymore

I have dwelt in thoughts of your arms
and your kiss and your heart
I have rendered a thousand dreams
and had so many visions of what we could be

But nothing really feels the same anymore

I'm still here waiting to see whatever happens
though I guess I've lost my momentum
for making you feel my love
because you said you weren't available
some times no more

I wish you'd see what I see
I wish you come running close to me
not in person, because I know we can't,
but sending me a letter that I wouldn't forget.

Friday, 9 April 2021


Don't crash, just burn
Don't reborn as a phoenix, just combust as the crow
Burn your fire for no witness
Every second that you just burn
Hyperadrenaline it's always your turn
Burn your fire for every witness

Tuesday, 6 April 2021


 So I've learned lately
that thoughts are stronger than belief itself
and that seeing you crumble and cry
didn't make me lose any respect for you
on the contrary, it made the feeling stronger
than I could ever imagine our link could fly.

Though I still don't know why you can't love me..
WAIT... as I wrote this I've just realized:
it's not that you love them all more than me,
no, it's just that pure true love is something else
that once opened and unchained it's precious lock
nothing in the universes can withstand...
is it that?

Oh gosh, it's the dawn advancing again 
and there becomes the windmill in the brain
restarting just for another day to play the game

I wonder if I've been losing all this time?
WAIT : as I wrote I've just realized,
I'm having epiphanies so some victories are mine ;)