Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Dear Time

Dear Time, everyone believes that you exist but when I was younger a cousin of mine told me "there's always time to do things, even if you don't sleep", and from that moment I took that sentence as a fact and it made me look to modern days where everyone rushes and says that has no time, with quite a disbelief.

You see, then with the evolution and inevitable dissemination of the Internet, I started to see those ready-made sentences, quotes and more quotes, about Time and how they said that it's a matter of priority. That if the thing or person is important to someone they will make time for it.

The truth is that, in time, I started to not believe there is a Time. First in every turn of the year, because of the multiplicity of world calendars and timetables. Then, because of how we've learned that in other planets this variation of time, measured by distance in light years and all the different times of rotation and orbit of planets, is so entirely unlike ours that something that has happened on Earth has already happened a long time ago if we were in another planet, or would only come to happen in billions of years.

Needless to say, removing the knot on the brain, I was pretty much just left with that simple fact that Time is just another concept created and manipulated by humans in just yet another of our delusional attempts of control.

Sorry, but not... :)