Monday, 9 February 2015

Reddish skies and yellow rivers won't take my mind of you. And as soon as it dies it is reborn, always in a perpetual sweet and universal creation.
So be mine, be kind, and don't let the good spirits fly. 

On the Mood

No one really pays much attention to what really causes someone's mood, especially when in the case of being a bad mood. The main thing that matters to people is the current effects on others.
Even if someone asks why we're upset or happy - because they only tend to notice and ask when we're in these opposite and more intense feelings -, trying to know what happened, usually we only point out one reason. But the fact is that our constant mood depends on so many factors, including invisible ones to ourselves, that it's really hard to have any control on how we feel, though no one seems to acknowledge this, probably because it would mean - besides that we can't control it as we thought - that the old saying of "you choose how things affect you and how you deal with them" is not that valid and it's been making you delude yourself.

So our mood and how we are feeling on a day-to-day basis can be affected mainly by factors that are out of our control, though we're the ones feeling it all. From top of my mind I can list factors such as genetics, light/sun exposure, food that changes the chemical hormonal composition (such as chocolate, for example), bad and good past experiences that imprint in our organism memories of feelings that  are instantly replicated when the same or similar experiences are repeated (including traumas, as cerebral/mental triggers of especific moods and feelings).

Again, we are always much more than what we think we are or even of what we are capable of realizing.