Friday, 21 March 2014

Love, exciting and new... (though it's the same old one :D)

You in black and me in white
We were just lovers in paradise

The old love boat rocked a time
but faithful and steady
it always came back to the quay

I don't know me as I don't know you
So I utterly do it for me and you

You hold my hand like a daddy to his little girl
to cross the roads and toss the fear where it doesn't show
and my hair is still rebellious and yours short but it is too
as the wind blows mine yours is always in the same place

There were seagulls in the sky
And you were mine

It was dark and I couldn't see
but I also know there was you and me
and I was yours as I always was
Love me tender, love me true
just forever as we always do.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

"And now, the end is near"

I think I'm finally going to die and it seems quite a proper time,
for it has been shown to me that there is no hope for a happiness that is true.

thank you and goodbye

What I regret the most in general is to have always put others first than myself,
I should've been there more for me
even when it meant not caring for others.
I loved too much and was loved and taken care of too little.
But as it was a no refund and no return trip, I'll just have to settle with what I got,
stop complaining, because it was quite a lot and it could've been a bit worse (though since I remember, all the suffering - being bullied, battered, bruised, aflicted by rare and grave diseases with daily symptoms that impaired a minimum quality of life and having been without support through it all in pain and misery - was quite awful; that death, at lack of alternative, becomes the biggest desire for ultimate peace from all earthly wounds).

Finding true love is rare and at least I got to feel and know what a bit of happiness was like.