Friday, 9 January 2015

We are all Charlie

Evil doers don't need excuses to commit hedious acts, so please STOP BEING AFRAID and justifying their violence by saying things like ‪#‎CharlieHebdo‬ provoked it.
People who are robbed / assaulted, and worse, daily on the streets and everywhere in the world; people who were in the ‪#‎twintowers‬; the kids in Norway; just as today's hostages in the grocery store in Paris; and all the millions who fall to gratuitous terror, they all didn't do anything do deserve any of the violence beset upon them.

Set yourself free, be unafraid, do not subdue yourselves to maniacs for that is the same as allowing them to go through with their evil doing.


This is all human stupidity circle at its best, a big growing snowball of fear, prejudice, hatred and evil. Now all the right-extremist are surfacing taking the oportunity to attack mosques and so. Between the irrationalities of extreme nationalism and of terrorism of religious fanatics I can't tell which one is more idiotic.
If we have developed as supposedly rational beings that are able to analyse and think their actions upfront, we should be more civilized and realize that we're not meant to kill each other but on the contrary, united we could find intelligent ways to achieve solutions for global wellbeing. But unfortunately it seems people's brains and whole knowledge and efforts don't run at the same velocity for everyone and those are the main reasons that, having different visions of the world and consequently goals, makes the world go back and forth in cycles of violence and retrocess since the beginnings.

We're supposed to be better or fighting (with intellectual means - that so many do achieve great solutions and all -, since that's what supposedly distinguishes us in this World) to get better than all this crappy things we do. Just now I saw this cartoon ( and I remembered the saying "An eye for an eye will make the whole world BLIND"; can't people see this and think and yes philosophy to achieve an actual good teory to put in practical ways after, and surpass the fear, panic, and short term preemptive war mind? Yes, it is hard to do so, to stand up in front of the trees in the Amazon facing the deforesters for example, but someone's got to do it, to be corageous (heroes) just like simple cartoonists (who were prized all over the world for decades) who only made some drawings defending freedom and art while denouncing the ridiculous evil crimes all over the world. Otherwise, it's not a world worth living in, where everyone gets to kill everyone just because their not accordingly to their rules. We are thousands of millions and we should not bow to a handful of despots who only see their own bellies.