Wednesday 14 December 2011

A wonderful world

There's something about this world
that I know I'll never fully grasp,
just as the musics I'll never listen
and all the landscapes I'll never see.

I know the wind and the water,
and the sky and the earth
will remain after I'm gone
to the land of no return.

I've seen there are many wonders
all throughout this luxurious world
but it saddens me to witness
all the damage that humans make.

I know the animals and the plants,
the way they blossom so beautiful
and the rainbows and sunsets
will always be there for you and me.

But it bruises my heart to feel
that everything that we ruin
is the only thing it's real.

It makes me fall into the deepest abyss
to realize the destruction we made
in this wonderful world as we call.

Sunday 11 December 2011

Sheets of empty canvas

Long curtains of life pyrocraved with moments of lacey love and trimmed sadness.
I keep ironing them and I don't learn anything new out of them.
My paintings are filled with emptiness and anger and wishes for peace and happiness, turmoils of draped experiences all stamped on the walls.
Remember how we use to be?